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    "One good Lotus" Yiran water, Weihai Habitat Adds look good

    2010-04-14 08:00:00     Read:18680

    Wangjiazhuang reconstruction project was started

    At 11 o'clock on the March 31, the high technology field and district offices Wangjiazhuang village site, the drum while the deafening sound, colorful flags flying, from Weihai Xin Shi Real Estate Development CompanySunfullassumed Wangjiazhuang village reconstruction project, "a product Lotus City" in thisstart at a grand celebration.High District Management Committee and leaders of relevant departments, fields and streets of the Office of the leadership, field and area, the village committee representatives of all villages in the city, some workers attended to congratulate Shuangfeng Group.

    Wangjiazhuang Village is located in Weihai, high-tech area, bounded by Sai Road, south Wan Shan, south Foding Shan, convenient transportation, with good natural landscape.Shuangfeng Xin Shi real estate company in line with the city for the residents and responsible attitude to the "quality, ecology, human culture" of the development route, after repeated deliberations deliberation, launch of high quality and distinctive character of modern settlements.The entire planning area is more than 20 million square meters, with concern "value of growth" as an opportunity to aggregate architecture, landscape, cultural, and service elements of the value of life can be personalized to meet the everyday needs of occupants, to open a "but different"quality lifestyle.

    A product bearing theSunfullLotus city property along the excellent project and elegant green and pleasant small town, was given a different architectural forms and landscape style, using a multi-layer, high-rise, high-rise combination of architectural form, layout easilyfree, simple construction and bright appearance, spatial layout and structure clearly reflects the strong and vibrant atmosphere of modern life.

    SunfullXin Shi real estate play, "Landscape experts" of the specialty, according to the special geographical location and terrain characteristics of traditional Chinese culture, auspicious meanings of the lotus with the theme of a "one core, two-axis, three garden" landscape layoutcombined with three-dimensional vertical greening systems, and strive to make "a product Lotus City" of the landscape once again on behalf of Weihai settlements masterpiece.Main landscape is a large flower like Sheng Kailian Descented, and the formation of distant Foding Shan clever echoes, with the landscape, commercial, life, leisure and other complex functions.This Descented residential area in Weihai in the application of the first case.Lotus Square in the core of what the two axes of radiation and three theme parks, the use of characteristic architecture, exquisite pieces, forest mist systems landscaping techniques, the formation of a Smart seclusion room charm.Five vertical greening system of "luxury" settings, layer upon layer of green lay out, with the distinctive flowers, which create the visual effects are far from green rate index can explain.To create such an environment, which will allow the people living close to nature without leaving the city they feel like being in Taoyuan dream.

    The project also highlights another significant, that is planned along the street in the region very casual style commercial street, Sai Avenue side of the body is also planning a large complex building business over, and the northbound upcoming high-area form a large trade centercomplementary scale and formats.District sub-center will be the lack of high-modern pattern of large-scale commercial facilities will be rewriting, convenient, high fashion of New Town can not only better serve the surrounding population, will further enhance the image of a modern city of Weihai.

    Sunfullchairman and general manager of Liu Xiao Feng said in the commencement ceremony,Sunfullwill be responsible to society, to the Government, responsible attitude of the villagers, fine management, high grid operation, following the green town after another Xianhou Li Weihai Habitat, for "Eleonora gentleman" to create the ideal poetic dwelling Pure Land.Early completion of the project will focus on the political task of municipal arrangements to ensure that nearly 50,000 square meters of the move back to settlement construction, so the villagers to move back as soon as possible, comfortable living.

    High-tech district management committee leadership, field and district offices, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech, on behalf of the villagers of Balanced Wangjiazhuang village committee director to speak of a city of high hopes for Lotus products, said the units with the development effort with co-create a harmonious community, a better home.

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