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    Metrological calibrationBack

    Weihai Metro Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2012, which is a third-party public technology service platform specializing in testing and testing technology. Rely on China testing technology research institute, Shandong sensing information engineering technology research center and Weihai Overseas Scholars High-tech Innovation Park Post-doctoral Workstation, The company mainly provides measurement calibration and quality testing, vibration technology testing and fault diagnosis analysis, engineering testing and evaluation and other technical services. At the same time, it develops and sells special testing and vibration analysis instruments. We have undertaken 863 projects, drafting national standards for MEMS accelerometers and other work of the country. December, 29, 2016 Weihai Metro Testing Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully listed on the Selected Board of Qilu Stock Exchange Center with the stock code of 100565.

    Development course of company

    In 2007, Weihai Impact and Vibration Laboratory was established.

    In 2010, Weihai Test and Calibration Center was established.

    In 2011, The Shandong Branch of China Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

    In 2012,Weihai East Asia Testing and Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. was established.

    In 2013, It was renamed Weihai NIMTT Measurement and Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    In 2016, Weihai NIMTT Measurement and Testing Technology LLC. was established. 

    In 2017, Weihai NIMTT Measurement and Testing Technology Co., Ltd invested and established Weihai Dynamic Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    Metrological Calibration and Quality Inspection Technical Service

    Weihai NIMTT Measurement and Testing Technology Co., Ltd have established a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with China Test Technology Research Institute, and established Vibration Laboratory and Calibration Center and other test mechanism. at present, the company can carry out 428 CNAS certification and calibration projects, 1409 national metrological authorization verification and calibration projects, The company has provided more than 3000 related technical services such as product testing, equipment calibration and certification for more than 500 industrial enterprises. Among them, we not only provide testing and calibration services for advanced mechanical and electrical equipment and high-precision sensors, but also provides testing and evaluation technical services for national oil and gas major projects and projects with great influence at home and abroad, such as the development of high-speed railway 380 EMU, which effectively improve the quality of industrial enterprise, ensure the smooth development of related major subjects and projects.

    Vibration Technology Detection and Fault Diagnosis Analysis Technology Services

    Relying on the experience and technical guidance of Sunfull Group in the research and development of seismic exploration equipment for the past years, the company independently developed a miniature magneto electronic speedometer and obtained patent authorization (patent number: ZL201410350949.4). The product solves the technical problems of poor anti-interference ability, low precision, narrow frequency band and relatively high distortion of existing testing instruments in the market, and is widely used in fault diagnosis of large rotating machinery and technical service of mine safety monitoring. In addition, we actively cooperate with various research institutes and develop a number of special equipment widely used in engineering testing, power generation equipment, high-speed rail projects and other operation monitoring and fault diagnosis. Now, we have more than 20 sets of testing equipment with the leading level in China, specializing in providing vibration technology detection and fault diagnosis and analysis services which are characterized by industrial vibration testing. Among them, many sets of the large scale scientific instrument system have been incorporated by cooperative and common network of scientific instruments in Shandong province wildly used in the market of East China and even the whole country. Weihai NIMTT Measurement and Testing Technology Co., Ltd has been awarded the honorary titles of "Advanced Unit, Advanced Unit of Performance Assessment for Sharing Large-scale Scientific Instruments and Equipment" and "Demonstration Organization of Socialized Service for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises".

    Engineering test and evaluation technical service

    We use vibration analysis technology to provide third-party inspection technology services for large-scale projects. Including the technical services of railway, highway, bridge and culvert engineering detection and air defense engineering, large-scale building health detection, disease monitoring and treatment of road, bridge and culvert, underground goaf treatment effect evaluation, subway construction quality and other technical services. The company has completed the taowei railway shijiahe bridge disease control project, taowei railway rushan yazi town Kangjia kuang Mmingdong tunnel quality inspection project, lingang district bridge routine inspection and rushan rural road bridge regular inspection and safety inspection appraisal project.

    In order to undertake testing technology services better, Weihai NIMTT Measurement and Testing Technology Co., Ltd will strive to obtain the certification of CMA and CNAS of inspection and testing institutions within one to two years.

    In the future, Weihai NIMTT Measurement and Testing Technology Co., Ltd will take the listing Qilu Stock Exchange Center as an opportunity to continuously strengthen the construction of talent team, strive to enhance laboratory testing ability, increase investment in technology research and development, and establish cooperation with universities, research institutes and enterprise groups such as Harbin University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Communications Construction Group, so as to form more independent intellectual property rights. It has been recognized by national high-tech enterprises as a professional, authoritative, impartial and honest third-party testing and technical service institution based on Vibration Analysis in Shandong and radiating the whole country, with the ability to penetrate the whole process of technical services such as demand design, product development and implementation guarantee.

    Tel: 0631-5696901 Web site: http://www.dongce.cn


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