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    Weihai sunfull Xin Shi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Belong to Sunfull Electronics Group Co., Ltd., was established in 2002 with registered capital of 53.98 million yuan, and with three-level development qualification and 2A credit rating, it has been rated as the advanced service unit by the high zone for three  consecutive years. Company is mainly engaged in real estate development and operation, with 15 professional management and technical personnel, including 12 engineers, 2 accountants and 1 economist.

    The company adheres to the high-tech  “serving the country with industry, pursuing excellence”, and the business philosophy of “creating high-quality projects, dedicating classic buildings”. Starting at a high level, operating at a high standard, be diligent, pragmatic and efficient. Successively completed the development of Sunfull comprehensive building, Sunfull chucun industrial park, Sunfull lidao industrial park, green town and other projects totaling more than 400000 square meters. green town has been awarded the honorary titles of “well-known green ecological real estate in China”, “garden residential area in shandong province”, “weihai excellent real estate”, “weihai excellent energy-saving housing” and so on, and has become an outstanding real estate representative of weihai with excellent architecture, culture and landscape.

    The company is located near Shichang Avenue in the urban area, more than 200000 square meters of landscape “Yipin lotus city” project, as a gaoqu residential market, Sunfull Real Eestate is one of the elegant residential works in Weihai. “South Huanshan Road Construction Project” as the focus of urban transformation work in Weihai City in 2011, covers an area of more than 680 Mu and an area of more than 700000 square meters. The vacation residential project “Yingzhou on long island” in Yantai is under construction and the landscape of the residential area has been completed. Which makes use of the local superior geographical environment to create “immortal island”. It provide ideal physical and mental habitat for the residents of the island and becomes the best model of the modern life.

    Over the past decade, Sunfull has experienced rapid development and achieved certain achievements. At the same time, Sunfull never forgot where one’s happiness comes from and shouldered social responsibility bravely, and has taken positive actions in the reconstruction of old villages. In August 2009, Weihai Xin Shi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Wangjiazhuang Village to participate in the urban village reconstruction in Weihai city. In early 2010, the comprehensive reconstruction project officially began. After unremitting efforts, on October 1, 2012, the relocation was successfully realized, and a satisfactory answer was submitted to the villagers and the government.

    In 2014, Sunfull participated in the bidding of some parts of Shuangdao Bay in Weihai, and successfully obtained the right to develop land , focusing on building the first cultural market of Weihai Shuangdao Bay.

    On the way forward, Sunfull Company never forgets the mission of being responsible for real estate. While striving to promote 3A certification, it has set a benchmark for Weihai real estate.

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