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    On "sunfull" 

    And Chinese "sunfull" homophonic English meaning "sunny." Has multiple meanings: 

    sunfull to "contribute to the society of light and heat" for the mission, demonstrate corporate social responsibility; implication of enterprise internal environment sunfull vibrant, full of vigor and vitality; moral sunfull the cause of full sunlight, with no limits development prospects. 

    About sunfull 

    "Double" means harmony, complete, "Feng" means harvest, harvest. "sunfull" in Chinese traditional culture with auspicious meanings. Its name, to indicate the pursuit of external business partners with the community and the harmonious coexistence of all interests and win-win, domestic enterprises and employees to pursue common development and common progress. 

    About Logo Graphics 

    As the "sun", "full" first letter "s", "f" a combination of deformation. "S" black, "f" is red, has a strong visual contrast, very shocking. sunfull signs with graphics and color combinations, and the Group’s main business is closely related nature, and into a deep cultural connotation. 

    sunfull Group’s core businesses of oil products digital detector, used in oil exploration, a search light, heat and driving force of business, signs in the black symbol of underground oil and other minerals, red symbolizes the fiery and bright. Black with oil exploration sunfull products, dedication to the community of red light and heat. 

    Interpretation of traditional Chinese culture sunfull signs, black and red combination of the two-color graphics on behalf of Oolong the auspicious combination with Phoenix. Dragon, phoenix is the ancient Chinese legend of the mascot, who intended to indicate sunfull cause well, booming. Diagram of graphic combined have substantially decreased, meaning heaven, sublimation of all things, a symbol of sunfull cause of sustainable development. 

    Logo graphic like a mass of swirling flames unite, not only a symbol of sunfull unbreakable, all-conquering team solidarity, cohesion and combat effectiveness, but also indicates sunfull career in full swing, full of vigor, with flourishing prospects.

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