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    Weihai Sunfull Electronics Group Co., Ltd. is an unlisted joint-stock enterprise group with high-tech industrial manufacture as it main business, involving testing technology and service, Real estate development and property services and other related fields. The group has two provincial engineering technology centers, a postdoctoral workstation, a public technical service platform, and two high-tech enterprises.

    Over the years, brunch company Weihai Sunfull Geophysical Exploration Equipment Co., Ltd. Its main products are wildly used in petroleum geological exploration, coal exploration, culverts and road dam vibration for bridges, culverts, road dam and other areas. The market has covered the major oilfields and coalfields in China, with a domestic market share of more than 30%; the international market covers 38 countries and regions in the world's major oil-producing regions, became a representative Chinese enterprise in the international market that can compete with powerful competitors in Europe and the United States.

    Weihai Sunfull Hanbecthistem Intelligent Thermo Control Co.,Ltd, Sino-Korean Joint Venture (Chinese Holdings), the main products Electronic thermostat are mainly used in household appliances, automotive temperature control and other fields. At present the company mainly supplies products to internationally renowned manufacturers such as electrolux and meiling. In recent years, its sales revenue has been growing at an annual rate of more than 30%, making it a new economic growth point of the group.

    Sunfull real estate project investment management co., LTD., a subsidiary of the group company, the residential projects Green Town, Yipin Lotus city, Changdao Yingzhou and other residential community projects developed by Sunfull Xin Shi real estate, which have been highly recognized by the owners and widely praised by all sectors of society, and achieved double harvest of economic and social benefits.

    Sunfull Property Service Company, which belongs to the group company, has the qualification of secondary service of property. At present, it manages 13 residential and commercial projects in Weihai, including Green Town, the IRS in hi-tech zone, Lotte Century City, by virtue of standardized management and housekeeping service,  won the unanimous praise of the owners and won the honorary title of advanced service unit for many times.

    In addition, in order to accelerate the industrial restructuring, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and to give full play to the operational advantages and institutional advantages of the private economy, to meet the diversified needs of the current social health care market, to effectively supplement the existing medical resources, to provide better high-end services such as diagnosis, prevention and health care for the general public and maternal and child pregnant and other service. To this end, Weihai Sunfull Science and Technology Development Group initiated the establishment of a high-end specialty hospital with maternal and infant services as the focus - "Weihai ShengDing Lianhua Hospital". It actively participated in the development of health services in Weihai, continuously strengthened and improved the construction of urban public health system, and made new contributions to the construction of a healthy and harmonious society and the promotion of regional economic development.

    Weihai Sunfull Electronics Group Co., Ltd. has been awarded the honors of Shandong Innovative Enterprise, Shandong Patent Star Enterprise, Shandong Contract and Credit Keeping Enterprise, Weihai Tax Star Enterprise, Top 100 Private Enterprises and Advanced Enterprises of High-tech Products Export by the provincial and municipal authorities.


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